Samstag, 16. Mai 2009

Jet Airliner

Well hello there, I would like to invite you to view my most recent body of work called "Jet Airliner". These photographs are real, live-action, wide-angle captures of arriving and departing airplanes at the Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies. The airport is one of the busiest in the Caribbean, and even large passenger airplanes such as the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A340 land there. But still there are only a few landings per day, and the 747 lands just twice a week. The whole series "Jet Airliner" was made with my Hasselblad SWC, which is nearly as old as I am. While one can make multiple exposures within a second or two using a digital camera - I was only able to make one shot per plane, which isn't that convenient as these aircraft are coming along with some 250 km/h, even shortly before landing. Click HERE to view the work.

I'm offering this series as editioned prints in three sizes:
50x50cm: Edition of 10
100x100cm: Edition of 5
160x160cm: Edition of 5

I will also be offering a Special Collector's Portfolio Box containing the whole series in 30x30cm prints. Beside this, I will also be releasing the book "Jet Airliner" this September. Details to follow. Thank you, I hope you enjoy this new series, even when it is a bit different from my other work -- comments are appreciated.

Sonntag, 3. Mai 2009

B&W Photography #98

The issue #98 of the English magazine Black & White Photography has my Dubai portfolio, along with an interview. My image "Black Beauty" is on the front cover. You can order the issue from the publisher, just click here