Montag, 9. Juli 2012

New Series: Havana

"Havana" is an all-new photographic series I have recently been working on together my son Jakob. Shooting has originally been scheduled for Spring 2011, however, the night before departure, our entire photographic equipment was stolen from our studio, resulting in a $250,000 loss (later covered by insurance) and the delay of the project. Now, more than a year later we've finally made it to Cuba. Fifty-nine (59) street photographs, taken in historic centre of Havana and nearby coastal areas have just gone online. The photographs mainly feature the classic American cars from the 1950s: Fords, Chevys, Buicks, Pontiacs, ...

The US embargo against Cuba was introduced in 1960, ending trade between the two countries. This resulted that US cars from the 1950s (and 40s) are still hitting the roads in Cuba these days - some in mint condition, others on the verge of collapse. However, old Russian Ladas and modern, uninspired cars from Germany, France, and the Far East already outnumber the Classics. Just about 10% of the cars seen on the streets in Cuba today are American make.

Prints of the new series are available in three sizes: 50x50cm (edition of 15), 100x100cm (edition of 5), 150x150cm (edition of 5).

Click HERE to view the new Havana portfolio. Enjoy!

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